Basically, the user interface of Nero Express consists of the selection of a compilation type in the start screen. A compilation comprises the content of the disc. You then complete the task by navigating through the different steps where a separate window is displayed for each individual step. This generally requires four steps: 
Choose compilation type
Select what you would like to do by moving the cursor over the menu item and clicking one of the tasks displayed. This manual contains a chapter for each task that describes all of the steps required for its completion.
Completing a task
Depending on the task you will have to go through various steps until you reach the end. Each individual step consists of a new screen.
Burning a compilation
Burning marks the end of the procedure. To burn, set the burn parameters and click the Burn button. Depending on the type of the task you are working on and the recorder connected to the system, a number of different entries are available for selection.
Options after burning
After burning is complete, you can decide what to do next: select the option to continue working with Nero Express or exit the program.

Working with the Application