You can access the additional options and features in the extended area of the start screen by clicking on the  Nero Express left 9007199311889803 Extended Area (Start Screen) button in the left margin of the window. The extended area is available in all Nero Express screens.
The following menu icons are available:
Switch to Nero Burning ROM
Closes Nero Express and opens the start screen of Nero Burning ROM. Nero Burning ROM is able to open Nero Express compilation files and Nero Express is able to open Nero Burning ROM compilation files.
This option is only available in the extended area of the start screen. If you decide to create a project with Nero Express, the option Saves the active project is displayed in all of the other windows at this point.
Only available with Nero Multimedia Suite.
Saves the active project
Opens the Save As window to save your compilation. The file links and settings to be burned are saved.
Opens the Options window to customize Nero Express to suit your requirements.
Save Audio Tracks
Opens the Copy Audio CDs to Hard Drive to copy audio files from CD to the hard drive.
Only available with Nero Multimedia Suite.
Save Data Track
Opens the Select Track window in which you can save the track of a data disc as an image file.
Erase Disc
Opens the Erase Rewritable Disc window to erase data from a rewritable disc.
Disc Info
Opens the Disc Info window to display information about the inserted disc. The total capacity and available capacity are displayed, in addition to the tracks and sessions.
Create Covers and Labels
Opens Nero CoverDesigner. Nero CoverDesigner is used to create and print labels and booklets for burned discs.
Please see the separate Nero CoverDesigner user manual for full instructions on how to make professional looking covers and labels.
Only available with Nero Multimedia Suite.
SecurDisc Settings
Defines the settings for burning a SecurDisc disc.
Burn Label
Opens the Burn Label window, in which you can create or load a label in order to print a label and/or print directly on the data side of special discs in the recorder.
Available with a Labelflash recorder only. The recorder must be selected to enable the option.
Only available in the full version of Nero Express in Nero Multimedia Suite.
Defines the recorder that you want to use for burning and/or the Nero Image Recorder.
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