The main screen in Nero Express is the starting point for all actions. Click here on the relevant menu icons to go to the desired screen where you can compile and work on your project. The selection is categorized into two areas: several formats or options are available for the single compilation methods.
Click the  Nero Express left 9007199311889803 Start Screen button in the left margin of the window to display an extended area with additional options and features.
The following compilation methods are available:
Allows you to compile and burn all types of files and folders.
Allows you to compile and burn audio files as Audio CD for example.
Allows you to compile and burn video files as DVD-Video for example.
Image, Project, Copy
Allows you to copy a source disc and to load an image file or a saved project.
Print LightScribe Label
Displays the Disc Label screen.
This is where you can create or load a label in order to print on the label side of special CDs/DVDs in the recorder.
A LightScribe recorder must be selected to enable the option.
Only available in the full version of Nero Express in Nero Multimedia Suite.


The actual entries that are available and the actual disc types (e.g. DVD) to which can be written depend on the selected recorder.


You can find more information on Blu-ray support at
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