Nero Express can be used to compile discs with audio formats you require (e.g. Nero AAC or WMA). In contrast to Audio CDs that can only be burned on CDs, you can burn these compilations of different audio formats on other disc types – provided a corresponding recorder is installed on your computer. The procedure for compilation methods is identical. You can opt for a single format or a mix of audio formats of your choice. In contrast to data disc, a jukebox disc can display metadata (title, artist, genre, …) about the audio file.  


Nero Express does not convert the audio files when creating a jukebox disc. In other words, MP3 files are burned as MP3 files for example. Most CD players cannot play such discs.
There is no difference between creating a jukebox disc and creating a data disc. Please be sure to select the corresponding entry in the start screen.


From a technical point of view, a compilation of special audio formats is a data disc. You can also select Data > Data CD/DVD in the start screen to create and burn your project.
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