You can have the added audio files in the music compilations identified with Gracenote and access metadata such as artist and title from the Gracenote Media Database.


Some of the functions mentioned here are restricted or not available in the Essentials version. You can always upgrade your Essentials version at to get the full version with all the functions.


Gracenote Plug-in
You will need the Gracenote Plug-in to identify single audio files and to display Album art.
You can obtain the plug-in at The plug-in is already included in the full version of Nero Express in Nero Multimedia Suite or Nero Multimedia Suite Platinum HD.
To do this, proceed as follows:
Select the type of compilation to burn a music CD.
The compilation screen is displayed.
Add audio files from the hard drive to the music compilation.
Select one or more audio files in the compilation.
Right-click to open the context menu.
Select the Get Meta Data entry.
The audio files are analyzed and the required information is sent to Gracenote. The Edit Meta Data window is opened. The metadata received by Gracenote is displayed in the New Info area.
If necessary, edit the metadata, e.g. track number, title, artist, album title, year, and genre.
Click the Apply button.
The Edit Meta Data window is closed.
The metadata is written into the audio file and accordingly shown in Nero Express. If the Adjust all file name(s) check box is selected, the file on hard disk is renamed accordingly (if technically possible).

Identifying Audio Files