Once you have successfully concluded the burn or save process with Nero Express, the final screen is displayed with the options Burn same project again, New project, and Save Project. You can select one of these options to continue working with Nero Express or you can click the  Nero Express icon close 9007199311915147 Final Screen button to exit the program.
The following setting options are available
Burn the same project again
Returns to the Final Burn Settings screen.
You can burn the same project again with the same or different settings.
New project
Opens the Nero Express start screen.
You can create a new project here.
Nero CoverDesigner
Opens Nero CoverDesigner.
Please see the separate Nero CoverDesigner user manual for full instructions on how to make professional looking covers and labels.
Save project
Opens the Save As window.
You can save the current project if you want to access it again later.

Final Screen