With Nero Express you can copy a disc. That means you make an exact copy of a source disc and burn it to a target disc. If your source disc is an Audio CD, for instance, your copy will be an Audio CD as well. Depending on your installed burner, you can copy CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs. The target disc must be the same disc type as the source disc – you can copy a DVD only to a DVD, for example. In any case, Nero Express will give you a message when the disc type do not fit.


If you are not in possession of the copyright for the relevant disc and do not have authorization from the owner of the copyright, unauthorized copying of discs violates national and international legislation.


Some discs are copy-protected and cannot be copied. If you are not sure whether your disc can be copied, activate simulation before commencing the actual physical burn process.
To copy a disc, proceed as follows:   
Click the Image, Project, Copy menu icon in the Nero Express start screen.
The corresponding copy options are displayed.
Click the option you require, Copy Entire CD, Copy Entire DVD, or Copy Entire Blu-ray Disc.
The Select source and destination screen is displayed.
Make the desired settings in this screen and, if required, in the extended area of the window.
If you want to copy discs using the Image Copy method:
Clear the Quick copy box.
Insert the disc that you want to copy into the recorder.
If you want to copy discs using the on-the-fly method: 
Select the Quick copy check box.
Select the Source drive and the Destination drive.
Insert the disc that you want to copy into the selected drive.
Insert a blank disc into the target drive.
Click the Copy button.
If you are copying via the drive, the copy process starts. If you are using Nero Image Recorder, the Save Image File window is opened.
Enter a name for your image file in the File Name input field.
Select the relevant storage location in the Save to navigation tree and click the Save button.
The copy and/or save process starts. You can follow the process status in the status bar.
If you are using a single drive for copying, you will be prompted to remove the source disc and to insert a suitable blank disc after the image file has been written. The burn process then starts automatically.
Click the Next button.
You have successfully copied a disc and can now continue by selecting another option from the final screen or by closing Nero Express.
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