You can define options for working with Nero Express in the Options window. 


Some of the functions mentioned here are only available in the full version. You can always upgrade your Essentials version at to get the full version with all the functions.
The following tabs are available:
Contains options for the compilation and the selection screen.
Contains options for the cache.
Contains selection options for the font.
Contains selection options for sounds in connection with burn tasks.
Expert Features
Contains options for configuring overburning and burning.
We recommend that you retain the default settings.
Selects the default naming method for audio files to be saved from an Audio CD to the hard drive.
Defines the size of the RAM buffer.
Contains options for configuring compilations, burning, the database, the user interface, as well as advanced settings.
Contains options for configuring LightScribe recorders such as the print contrast (quality), default drive, and default template.
This tab is only available if a LightScribe recorder has been installed.

Configuration Options