With Nero SecurDisc Viewer you can verify the authenticity of the SecurDisc disc if it is digitally signed. You need the public key from the distributer of the SecurDisc disc for this purpose. By checking the public key, Nero SecurDisc Viewer is able to confirm that the data is authentic and has not been manipulated.  
Proceed as follows:
Click the Signature button.
An explorer window is opened.
Select the public key (*.bpk) which the SecurDisc disc is signed with.


Public key
The creator of the SecurDisc disc has also created or selected the public key for the disc. The key is to be distributed by the creator of the disc, too.
Click the OK button.
The explorer window is closed and the Check window is opened.
The signature is checked. You can follow the progess with the status bar and the displayed messages.
As soon as the copy process is finished, a message is displayed to notify you about the result of the check.

Checking signature